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Looking for some info on home dog obedience training that are loaded with workable ideas and practical tips help turn your naughty pooch into a nice, well-behave doggy? 

Did I just hear you say YES?

Ok that's really awesome because not only does this site provides some useful information pertaining to dog training and behavior modification, it also has a directory that covers a number of high-quality home dog training courses.

Each dog obedience training course listed in the directory is very comprehensive and provides practical, easy-to-understand guide to solving a wide assortment of dog behavior problems.

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You see, in my experience training your dog to become obedient using at-home methods can be just as effective as hiring a dog trainer. In some cases, it’s heck of a lot more effective! Fact of the matter is, many so-called “professional “trainers have no idea how to conduct proper dog obedience training.

In the past, I hired a couple of trainers to help sort out my Labrador’s demented behavior. Little Brylow is a super cute Labrador that I picked up from the local pound, but beneath that cutie exterior, lies an insanely mischievous canine persona. Inappropriate pooping, excessive barking, jumping on counters and cable munching are Brylow’s specialties. .

Anyway, the first trainer cost me $75 while the other one, charged me $89 for a one hour dog behavior modification session. I paid for the first 3 hour with each trainer, which came up to a whopping $492!

A pretty staggering sum and those sessions was a bloody waste of my money!


What was the problem?

Both trainers were unable to clearly explain to me why and how they did so and so. Brylow behavior wasn’t getting any better either. Sure, I could opt for another trainer. Put Brylow through  I don’t know, maybe 10 one hour dog obedience training lessons and get his mind fully ingrained with nothing but positive actions. However...

that would cost me a bomb!

Besides, the trainers can’t be around to give advice 24/7 therefore; I still need a handy reference which I can use again and again.So, finally, I decided not rely on some stranger to train Brylow.

He’s MY dog and I want him to listen to me and I want him to trust me 100%.

So, I bought a few books on dog training but they all seem convoluted...

I was looking for easy to follow ‘helps-you-every-step-of-the-way’ type of home dog obedience training courses complete with training videos and whatnot. There are tons of dog behavior modification guide online. However...


home dog training courses


...one huge problem remains.

Most online courses you see on the web SUCKS! Okay, to be honest, it’s not right for me to label “MOST” online courses are questionable in quality since I’ve only purchased 7 online guides, 4 of which I deem unsatisfactory. I haven’t seen or tried every single one, obviously.

I gave Dr. Dog’s behavior solutions guide a whirl and though I find it informative, the entire package lack depth with no training videos which I believe are essential in order to add to the understanding of the material.

I also got a copy of DIY Dog Training Manual + audio training. Again, ZERO videos and at 125 pages, info in the manual was considerably lacking compared to the ones listed here. The other 2 guides were so unbelievably awful, they don’t deserve mentioning!

And that’s not all .There are just too many conflicting viewpoints about dog obedience training and handling behavior problems. Take clicker training for instance. Many believe that clicker training methods are only good for teaching dogs how to perform cheesy, lounge tricks.

I used to belong in that school of thought too until I came across a clicker training course produced by two experienced trainers from a well known clicker training school.


I applied some of the techniques from this course on my Brylow and you know what?

After consistent practice, the results have been satisfiyingly awesome! Brylow got his act together pretty well. Needless to say, this course has helped me view this form of training in a whole new light!

As I said, there are loads of dog training obedience courses online, so whatever choice you make, please try to get a hold of one that provides ongoing support, is clearly explained and takes you step-by-step, with specific instructions on training and how to solve your dog’s behavior problems.

This is precisely how I was able to train my Brylow from being an insanely naughty doggy to a one of the most obedient pooches around.

Have a good one, good luck and God bless!

Warm regards,

Jerry Gazila

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